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Committed to Excellence

Welcome to MrMistBirmingham. Our main goal is to always achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.
  The products that we use are human & pet friendly. 

Trying to keep the space a safer place. 

Cleaning Table

What we do. 

We are a professional cleaning service offering top quality cleans in Birmingham and surrounding areas.

At MrMistBirmingham, we ensure every job is undertaken and completed with a high standard of professionalism. Not only reaching, but exceeding your expectations with top quality services every time. 

- Our Fogging machine is an additional service we provide alongside our cleaning services -

We partake in various different cleans this includes;

-End of tenancy 

-Domestic ( Monthly or weekly ) 

-Offices and businesses 

-Schools and nursery’s 

-Apartments and flats 

-Houses  and shared accommodation 

-Ovens and showers

-Pre tenancy and after maintenance 

— Fogging service

* Coronavirus Decontamination

* Precautionary Sanitisations

* Deep Clean Decontaminations

* Professional Fogging

* Disinfecting service 

Our new misting cleaning machine to disinfect your homes, and cleaning things you cannot reach or see. Giving  you the cleanest air with a long lasting fresh smell.

We cover all aspects of cleaning / fogging it’s a very unique way to clean your home, making your room much fresher.

The Thermal Deodorising Machine is a unique form of sanitising and deodorising that totally eliminates all foul odours including tobacco, smoke, milk/food spills, urine, vomit, mould, mildew, pet smells etc. Plus, at the same time our special agents attack and destroy all germs, bacteria, viruses and spores in it's path replacing them with a long lasting freshness and leaving you with a much cleaner, safer environment. Giving your home a long lasting clean smell, up to four flavours of your choice to choose from. 

MrMistBirmingham fog deodorising is by far the best way for both cost and effect to completely sanitise and deodorise any room or vehicle, (infact any enclosed area) and leave it with a long lasting germ free freshness. Totally eliminating any germs, bacteria, spores and viruses that are airborne or lingering on carpets, curtains, upholstery and any other furniture. Even hard surfaces and air ventilation systems will be fogged, deodorised & germ free. Safe with all electrical items & pet friendly! 

We like to satisfy our customers to the full potential giving you an excellent service. 


MrMistBirmingham has earned its positive reputation because we go out of our way to provide truly exceptional service to each of our customers. We understand that yours and our safety is key, so we have full equipment & uniform. We want to ensure that all areas are fully disinfected. Fully insured 100% trustworthy 


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