What makes us difference to other cleaning businesses ?? 

We take pride and care into our work, little things like, if the light bulb needs changing, or something needs replacing, we will inform whoever needs to be notified, things like this gives us a five Star Rating cleaning company! 

We really do think out of the box when it comes to our clients! 

We even have our own MrMistBirmingham Cleaner check list, making sure nothings missed. 

“ No Excuses if you double check “ We ensure our employees tick a finished off sheet before any clean is completed, making sure all work is double checked and up to MrMistBirmingham standards. 

However, as a cleaning company we also do oven cleans, leaving the oven sparkling, with a fresh smell, not chemically!! 

Do you ever see mould around the bath/shower on the white silicon? 

Most people get that from leaving the water on the silicon after a shower over time. We can remove the mould, and get it back to fresh white again. 

( see social media photos for reference )

Quick bookings, we understand that estate agents & property openers want to get there properties on the market as soon as possible and MrMistBirmingham is here to help with that! 

We want your property clean and back on the market quickly. 

We also have a disinfectant misting machine that kills any bacteria or smells, highly recommended with  a deep clean!

We put extremely hard work into our business , and we want to give you the best results at all times.

100% positive feedback!