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What makes us different  to other cleaning businesses ?

Thanks to our efforts we have managed to build a strong group of employees who have been with our company for many years – and they are here to stay! However, there are emergency situations in which the employee who has always provided the service for you is not available at a given time (e.g. due to a holiday leave, personal reasons or others). When such an issue occurs, you can be sure that another professional that is just as experienced will take their place and do the job for them.

The services will always be conducted at the time and date we have agreed upon. If needed, our supervisors will assign the replacement employees to your building and organise their work until it is finished. The quality of our work will remain at a top level at all times, regardless of any circumstances. We work hard to meet your expectations every day.


However, we operate a reliable key holding service

This means that whilst you are going on about your life we can clean and you can come home to a house that’s spick and span. Our reliable key holding service means that you can enjoy your cleaning service with peace of mind. That’s important!

Hourly rates provide greater flexibility than flat rates. Because of this, our  cleaners provide you with just the cleaning you need in a swift yet thorough manner. In simple terms, you only pay for the work we have performed. When we agree on 8 hours of office cleaning, you can rest assured that our team works diligently the entire duration of that time. All work is performed according to the schedule and special checklist to make sure every corner is checked and kept tidy. You get the results that you pay for!

We give comprehensive and specific training to all our Operatives to ensure we deliver a high standard of cleaning service with consistency. Our training manual is in compliance with Safe Contractors, CQC and The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc).


Whenever our  cleaners encounter an unusual situation they are instructed to contact their supervisor with no delay and inform them about the situation. Such situations include:

  • locked doors to that requires cleaning

  •  lights left on

  • broken equipment/furniture etc

  • doors that should have been locked, left unlocked

  • other irregularities

Our staff members are screened prior to being hired; they are fully insured and  DBS CHECKED.

They are very loyal cleaning professionals They are trained, uniformed, friendly, will follow custom checklists to ensure consistency with the quality of cleaning in accordance with your scheduled requirements.


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