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Our Services

Domestic Cleans

If you are looking for professional domestic cleaners in your area, MrMistBirmingham  can give you a hand. If you want to save your time and to keep your home sparkly and clean you can use our regular domestic cleaning services. Too often the time is not enough to do everything. The cleaning of the home could be an unpleasant and annoying task. this is why it is better to use professional cleaning company instead of spending hours in your home cleaning, you can spend your time doing  something else.
Our cleaners are fully trained and DBS checked. They provide the best possible service on the market.
MrMistBirmingham is the right choice for your home cleaning service. We aim to provide the same cleaner in long term. Also, if for some reason you  need replacement cleaner- we can provide one.
We would like your home to look great, clean and cosy and we definitely can do that. Our competitive cleaning services prices start as little as £15 per hour. Leave it to us – leave it dirty, get it washed, dry and clean! 
We can give your home a new look and a feeling of freshness. MrMistBirmingham  is the best choice for domestic cleaning services in Birmingham

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Commercial Cleans

We provide professional and reliable commercial cleaning services in Birmingham ensuring a 100% customer satisfaction. With a team of highly experienced and fully trained cleaners our clients know they can expect a professional and reliable service. We serve small and large businesses with the perfect package to suit all clients needs. 

Whether you’re a small business needing a fortnightly clean or a large business needing a daily clean we can tailor the package to suit your needs. Are you looking for a reliable, efficient team of commercial cleaning professionals to get your business property or office looking its best, look no further than MrMistBirmingham We are able to help businesses based in Birmingham  surrounding areas. 

Where possible we will provide you with a regular and local commercial cleaning team so you become familiar with who is visiting your premises. We believe this is important because it helps with continuity and building a trusting relationship

We only ever use the best cleaning products available. Our cleaning  supplies are environmentally friendly and designed to be  free of harsh chemicals, our cleaning supplies won’t ever leave off-putting chlorine or bleach smells behind.

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End Of Tenancy Cleaning

Relocating can be quite stressful, especially if you are running short of time. You are probably busy checking for and assessing any existing damages, hiring a moving company, organising and de-cluttering, and buying items for your new place. Before handing over the keys to your landlord or letting agent, you will need to fill in the change of address form, change or cancel any subscriptions that you have, transfer medical and school records, and schedule utility shut off. On top of all this, you need to give the place a thorough clean to get your tenancy deposit back. We are perfectly aware how stressful moving out can be and can help you leave the house in a top condition. We  help customers clean their property perfectly and leave it looking utterly immaculate.

We work closely with many landlords and real estate agencies. We strive to monitor the entire cleaning process in every aspect. Our main priority is the high standard of cleaning. With our end of tenancy cleaning cleaners you will save your time, nerves and problems around your preference smooth move out/in. That is why MrMistBirmingham must be your end of tenancy cleaning choice because the most important thing to us is the end result. Whether you are a landlord who wants to buy, rent or sell a home or you are a tenant who wants to get your deposit back, we are what you need. 

The end of tenancy cleaning is a special service, a bit different from the rest of the cleaning services. This is highly professional work and we pay attention to the  smallest details. If you are not 100% satisfied we will re-send the cleaners for re-cleaning. The property must be in a perfect condition.

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Office Cleaning

The work environment is extremely important for your employees. They spend most of their working day in the office. Create a vibrant and clean environment that brings positive energy to all of your employees, refreshing them and stimulating their creativity. A well-cleaned and friendly office will surely impress your clients and partners. A good arrangement, organization and impeccable cleanliness will make them feel more comfortable.

We specialise in Office cleaning - we provide professional and reliable Office cleaning services ensuring a 100% customer satisfaction. With a team of highly experienced and fully trained cleaners our clients know they can expect a professional and reliable service. We serve small and large businesses with the perfect package to suit all clients needs. We believe that the quality of our services is enough to convince you to keep working with us. 

Whenever our office cleaners encounter an unusual situation they are instructed to contact their supervisor with no delay and inform them about the situation. Such situations include:

  • locked doors to the part of the office that requires cleaning,

  • lights left on

  • broken equipment/furniture etc

  • doors that should have been locked, left unlocked.

We will do the job you require of us quickly, thoroughly and professionally. Your trust is our highest priority and we make every effort to provide the services on the level you expect from us. Moreover, our office cleaning experts are a team of very amicable people who will approach each task with high energy. Our supervisors make sure each office cleaning job is conducted according to the highest standards. Regular inspections are conducted to ensure that the team doesn’t miss anything. It is rarely truly necessary, however, as our staff consists of experienced, trained professionals who know their job perfectly and provide our clients with quality service. Each cleaner will have a MrMistBirmingham check sheet to sign off after every clean to ensure nothing is missed.

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